*Only for Paid Customers

1) Click the Start button.
2) In the Run text box, type cmd. This will open the command window.
3) At the command prompt, type ipconfig /all.
4) Copy down the “Physical Address” (aka the MAC address) from the “Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection” section.
5) Close the command prompt window.

The license key has been sent to you when you have purchased the product/service from us. You should have a record of it in your email inbox. Alternatively, if the software is installed on your computer, click License Information in the settings tab.

You can use this third party link https://www.whatismyip.org/my-ip-address to determine you Public IP assigned to you by your Internet Service provider. Alternatively, you can also Google “What is my IP” and get details from search results. Please note that we and our affiliates will Blacklist that IP from our advertising list within 48 hours however if you have a dynamic IP from your ISP or you change your Internet service provider or the IP changes due to any reason the Blacklist is not guaranteed.